I was downstairs brushing my teeth, and started to feel a little hyper. I saw my reflection in the window, and started to dance around. Badly, I might add. Chewbacca could probably dance better than I was dancing.

There I was, shaking my goods at 1AM in the morning, when I saw that my neighbor was looking out his window, and at me.

I stopped instantly, my face turned bright red, and I walked out of the room without even closing the curtains.

I'm just glad this happened before I took a shower rather than afterward, if you know what I mean.

I was listening to King Crimson's Moonchild when I did this sketch.
There once was a girl named Nicole,
Whose virginity somebody stole.
She felt depressed,
But that feeling regressed
When she learned it was in the wrong hole.

This is a drawing I found in my sketchbook from my senior year in high school.
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