Beautiful Vocabulary

Brainsick adj: Mentally disordered.

Brassica n: Plants from the genus Brassica, such as broccoli, cabbage, and mustard.

Bravura n: 1) A musical passage requiring excellent agility and technical skill. 2) A show of daring brilliance.

Brecciate vt: To break a rock into fragments.

Brevity n: Shortness of duration, or conciseness of expression.

Briar n: A plant which has a woody and prickly or thorny stem. (Rose, blackberry.)

Brittle a: Easily broken, cracked, or snapped.

Bromeliad n: Plants from the genus Bromelia, such as pineapple, spanish moss, and various ornamentals.

Bromidic adj: Lacking in originality. (A bromide, in regards to people, is someone tiresome or boring.)

Brusque (also brusk) adj: 1) Markedly short and abrupt. 2) Blunt in manner or speech, often to the point of ungracious harshness.

Brute adj: 1) Of or related to beasts. 2) Inanimate. 3) Cruel or savage.

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