Considering a Series


A series encourages the artist to create multiple works of the same theme, and sometimes results in hundreds of drawings. Van Gogh, for example, painted shoes. I have previously done some drawings with my flute (left) and guitar as subjects, but I would like to give something different a try.

Any suggestions would be wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

Hello I have one comment and one question/admission.

1) Maybe if you have a favorite book you could do one small work for each page of the book.

Part, the second: I am a graduate student in the New Media department at the University of Maine at Orono. I am the student director of project development for an on-campus organization known as ASAP Media Service. I was scouting facebook for new students who looked like they might have potential to work with us. I liked your profile because of the interests in art and web programming and design, which is some of what we do, and also I went to Hall-Dale, and did art and computer stuff. I went to send an email to all the people I found that would explain what
ASAP is and what we do, and apparently you don't have firstclass yet (the umaine email system). So I wanted to still include you but you profile didn't have an email address. So I considered trying to add you as a friend on facebook, but I wasn't sure it would let me write this much of an explanation, in the friend request. So I googled you and found this blog, and also saw you won a web design award for interactivity, which is alot of what we do. So I decided to try and contact you through a blog comment.

Long Story Short...
If you can send me your email address then I can send you the same letter I sent out to other people who we thought might be interested in this potential job opportunity, and I think you might be interested.


take it or leave it, but I would take it.

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