Cray-Pas and New Experiences


After intense struggles with life itself, I've finally reached a place of contentment. I transferred to a new university with a clean slate. My classes are stimulating, and both my productivity and creativity have soared lately! As a result, I'm posting to the blog again. My classes are fairly rigorous, but I have heaps of spare time as well.

Along with the university is a new painting class. I'm exploring mediums I have very little comfort in. Recent practices have been with Cray-Pas. I find them gooey and imprecise, which contrasts my usual style. My first attempt with them was an unsharable disaster, but to the left is the result of my most recent practice session.

The drawing is a study of color, done in patches rather than in intricate detail. I spent nearly three hours in a field sitting on moist grass. My legs were asleep, and every time I switched positions I was jabbed by pins and needles. Nevertheless, every artist should step out of his comfort zone to grow and become more in touch with his creative process.

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